Wedding Photography Samples

Welcome to the Doves Sample wedding page

Here are a few sample weddings from Doves Portrait Design's team of dedicated  professional Wedding photographers. Here you will find a wide variety of wedding types and styles of shooting depending on the service, time of the year, and the couples desires. Browse some of our brides and grooms on their special day. Come back to visit often We will be adding more of these special pages over the next few months.

 Your wedding day is special to you and your families. Wedding photography is more than having someone there taking pictures.
  Our warm, energetic, yet unobtrusive personal style makes the photography a fun and memorable part of your very special day. Our pictures will capture that special blend of celebration and solemnity, of love and fun, that you have planned for your wedding.

  Our formal photos, creative and artistic, have a relaxed feel to them that states, "These are real people." Our candids are lively and fun to look at, capturing the important people and events of the day. 
  We are committed to both personal service and quality. Quality wedding photography is an investment that will last a lifetime. Your wedding book is truly an enduring gift to the future.

Some couples may wonder why, in this age where it seems everyone has a digital camera, would they need a professional wedding photographer? The answer is simple. If you want professional wedding photos, you're going to need a professional wedding photographer. Yes, your friends and family can snap hundreds of photos on the cheap. But, they're probably nothing compared to the professional wedding photos that experienced photographers can provide you. Doves Portrait Design is comprised for seasoned wedding professionals to ensure your day is captured in all its beauty, glory and splendor.

Doves Portrait Designs job it is to provide couples with professional wedding photos. At Doves Portrait Design we know which shots to take, how to use lighting to create different moods, as well as have the professional equipment to produce stunning photographs and portraits that you and your family we enjoy for a lifetime.

You may be tempted to utilize friends and their point-and-shoot cameras, but remember; you can't go back and do it again if you find that the photographs are not good enough. That doesn't mean that as a backup measure you can't get all your friends and family to bring their cameras as well, but for the creative wedding photos you see online and in wedding magazines, you need to hire a professional. 

You may be asking yourself if Doves Portrait Design is right for you.

Ask others who have chosen Doves Portrait Design at their wedding and find out whether or not they were completely satisfied with the work that was produced. Doves Portrait Design has photographed hundreds of weddings and satisfied thousands of couples and families.

At Doves Portrait Design, we do both portrait and photo journalistic style to ensure you get the best of both worlds.

Doves Portrait Design Offers Leather Panoramic albums. We work with you to design the layout and images that you want in your album and preview them before production to ensure you will cherish you album for years to come.

At Doves Portrait Design we strive to make the day fun and as non intrusive as possible. Doves Portrait Design is never stuffy, forceful, and thoughtful of your family, friends, children, and guests.

Doves Portrait Design always has a backup camera in case anything goes wrong. You don't want to have a photographer's equipment fail during your wedding without them having a backup. Remember, there's no going back and capturing the moment of your "I do's".

Doves Portrait Design also offers a copyright released DVD of your entire day with full resolution images on all packages and hourly services.