Senior Tux and Drape Gallery

Welcome to Doves Portrait Design’s Tux and Drape Gallery

Please view a few of our recent High school seniors.


 Your high school senior yearbook portrait will become an icon beside your name, and that portrait will represent you for the rest of your life in other people’s homes that you graduate with this year.

The best portraits represent us as friendly and healthy individuals, interested in, and open to, building new relationships. You never know which friendship or relationship will provide you the opportunity to do or achieve what you want most in life. You have the right to choose a professional photographer, and have a portrait created for the school yearbook; contrary to what school officials may say.

Doves Portrait Design does provide senior portraits to meet your yearbook guidelines.

Doves Portrait Design photographs hundreds of High School Seniors each and every year. Most schools in our area require High school senior yearbook pictures for girls to wear a black drape and the guys to wear black tuxedos.

At Doves Portrait Design, we provide drapes and tuxedos in a wide range of sizes for your traditional high school senior graduation portraits.

Local area high schools have different requirements and deadlines for each school. Traditional senior portraits are created to meet specific yearbook guidelines provided by each school as well.

The professional guidance and session time offered by Doves Portrait Design is not available through most contract school photography services.

What you should bring and wear for your Yearbook Portrait Shoot:

For your drape, wear a camisole because you will need to lower your under garment straps off your shoulders. Bring your favorite set of pearls if you have them…if not, we have some you can wear.  Other simple neck jewelry is also acceptable for your senior portrait.

For your tux photograph, bring a white t-shirt to wear under the tux shirt.