Photography Restorations


Photos are not just images
they are moments in time, frozen forever. They show who we are, where we have been, what we value, and who we love.
Photos aren’t just pictures of us, they are pieces of us.

Doves Portrait Design 

now offers the best Digital restoration service in Western New York. 
With our state of the art digital tools and Master Artists, we can repair any kind of damage whether it's a tear, a crease, water or mold damage, fading, or even if your photo is in pieces.
We will restore it to it's former glory.
Doves can restore any type of damaged photo from any type of medium that can be scanned or photographed. It could be on glass, wood, tin or film. 
We specialize in rebuilding vintage photos that may have pieces missing and also digitally restore Documents, Paintings, Newspaper articles and photos.
We want to help you restore your family history through photographs.

We are passionate about our restoration service. All of Doves Restorations are able to be stored on CD's.
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