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As the weather cools and the leaves fall, families are reminded that the holidays are just around the corner. Family and friends join together on the holidays making them the perfect time for preserving lifelong memories. 
Before the season comes and goes, round up your family for a classic professional portrait at Doves Portrait Design.
Doves Portrait Design offers amazing portraiture at a reasonable prices and execptional value. Tired of Family Picture Christmas ideas that are stale and outdated? Want something different? Want to make a special effort this year to create a family portrait to include in or part of your holiday cards? Don’t settle for the same old idea that’s been done a hundred Christmas seasons past for thousands of other families, choose Doves Portrait Design for this years Holiday Portraits and cards.

At Doves Portrait Design You can have a great professional portrait done for the holidays, Doves Portrait Design is always thinking outside of the box. Doves Portrait Design will be adding many new holiday gift ideas this year. From greeting cards to wallet photos to specialty items like canvas portraits, Necklaces, mugs and cups, portrait ornaments, and special holiday frames. we have a wide variety of gift items to suit your gift giving needs.

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